Sri Angalaparameswari Temple - Melmalayanur


The temple of Angala Parameswari is 32 kms from Gingee, the special deity of the Sembadavars. Here festival occurs in February-March.  A special feature of this festival is the Simimasana kollai.  The people who attend the festival cook large quantities of grain of various kinds and set them out in the burning ground and offer them to goddess who is brought there.  

Every Ammavasai (New Moon day) there will be the Lakhs of devotees throng here. In the inner sanctum there is a snake pit which is being worshipped. There is a congregation of devotees on every new moon day.

Distance from Arpanaa

:    35 kilometers ( approximately )

Driving directions

:    Arpanaa >> Avalurpet >> Melmalaiyanur



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