Yantra Sani Bagawan Temple – Erikuppam


Against the idol form, Sri Sani Bhagwan graces in the Erikuppam temple in the form of Shivalinga.  With due regard to the Easwara title Sani Bhagwan enjoys, a king built this temple for the planet installing him as a linga with the yantras.  The temple disappeared due to ravages of time leaving the Linga alone in the open space.  Later, people built this temple.  As he graces as a Linga with Yantras, He is known as Enthira Saneeswarar.



Sri Saneeswara in the sanctum sanctorum graces in a 6.5 feet tall Shivalinga form placed on a peeta of 2.5 feet width.  As in Shivalinga, Moon and Sun have their places on the head.  His crow vehicle is in the middle.  The six faced (Shatkona) yantra with Namashivaya, basic mantras as Beejakshara and Mahalakshmi mantras are inscribed in the Linga.
Saturn-Sani Bhagwan is the son of Sun God.  The sacred spring bearing His name-Bhaskara Theertham – is among the fields.  Abishek is perfomed with this spring water and offered as Prasad to devotees.

Distance from Arpanaa

:    53 kilometers ( approximately )

Driving directions

:    Arpanaa >> Polur >> Santhavasal >> Erikuppam

Ashram Timings

:    8.00 a.m. to 1.00 pm. / 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

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